Best Mobile Legends Heroes Based on Role

Best Mobile Legends Heroes Based on Role

The Mobile Legends game has always been a popular trend played among all groups of people, especially among teenagers. Frequent game updates, of course, improve the game system for the better by adding new heroes and more attractive skins that game lovers can get. To find out the abilities and advantages of each hero, you can enter the skill test menu.

In this discussion, we will describe the best heroes based on their roles. Maybe you have a favorite hero who is proud of achieving the best victory during battle. However, there’s no harm if you know some recommendations for Mobile Legends heroes with the best abilities, such as the following

Tank Hero

  • Khufra
    Khufra is a mainstay tank that is suitable for use in almost all matches. This hero prioritizes crowd control and is suitable for players who want to lead the fight. His ultimate Tyrant Rage is a game changer, knocking down and immobilizing multiple enemies which changes the balance in team fights.
  • Franco
    Franco is one of the best heroes at locking down enemies. The grappling hook skill can change the game and its main advantage is that it can draw the enemy closer so that it is easier to knock out. His ultimate move, Bloody Hunt, captures the enemy and takes the objective and kills the enemy carry.

Support Hero

  • Diggie
    Diggie is a strong support hero with unique skills. This hero is good at distracting enemies in battle and protecting teammates. His ultimate Time Journey allows him and his teammates to remove all debuffs, gain shields and be immune to crowd control for a short time, making it easier for them to fight freely without worrying about being slowed or stopped.
  • Angela
    Angela has the ability to provide healing to keep her blood full and provide a shield so her team can play more safely. Not only excels in healing, Angela has control in slowing and locking enemies in place as a team advantage to paralyze enemies more easily.

Fighter Hero

  • Chou
    Chou emphasizes speed and flexibility taking inspiration from martial arts. Movements such as Jeet Kune Do and Shunpo allow him to run easily to start a fight, avoid trouble or just move quickly. Chou’s strength lies in disrupting enemy plans and controlling the course of battle more prominently.
  • Yu Zhong
    Yu Zhong’s survival in every meta is due to his incredible sustainability and makes him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Its passive ability contributes significantly to its continuity by providing valuable lifesteal. This allowed Yu Zhong to survive prolonged battles. Having Dragon Tail allows him to block waves and Soul Grip which slows down enemies.

These are some of the best Mobile Legends heroes recommended based on the 3 most popular main roles. You can try out the strengths of each Hero in your game right now to gain experience and new skills.